After following this seminar, you'd be a housing expert who can detect scams from miles away!

Finding housing is difficult, even without getting scammed. Finding housing within your budget seems impossible at times. With this seminar, we'll teach you the ins and outs regarding the regulated rental prices in the Netherlands and how you can reduce your accommodation rent. We will also teach you on how to improve your chances on being chosen by the landlord and how you can verify the landlord and avoid losing a lot of money by getting scammed. 

Hereunder you can find some topics which will be discussed during the 2,5-hour seminar. During and after the seminar, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Where To Look For Housing?

Are you going to look by yourself or with some fellow students or friends? What are the pro's and con's of finding something for yourself, or as a group? Are yougoing to rent a furnished or unfurnished accommodation? A lot of questions tothink about. We will explain to you in details all the ins and outs, so you can makethe right decision and find the right accommodation for you. 

The following will be discussed, but not limited to:

Real Estate Agencies:

  • Which real estate agencies workwith students? 
  • Do they request/require aguarantor? What information dothey need from the guarantor? Employment contract?
  • Does this guarantor need to residein the Netherlands, or can it be aguarantor abroad? 
  • What documents do you need to apply for housing with these agencies? Enrollment documents? ICE contact? 


  • Which platforms can students use to find housing? 
  • Are there any costs for using these platforms? 
  • What are the pros and cons for each platform?


  • Examples of housing groups on Facebook. 
What Are Agency Fees?
  • What are agency fees?
  • When are agency fees allowed?
  • Case study: 'Found housing but agency requested agency fees.'
  • How to reclaim back unjust agency fees?
How To Improve Your Chances On Finding Accommodation

How to properly introduce yourself? What should you tell, and what shouldn't you tell? What to show on your public Facebook profile? A landlord will always Google you and take a look at your social media profiles. Make sure they are public so the landlord can have a look. Private Facebook profiles will always make them wonder what you have to hide. Always remember that the landlord gets a lot of messages. To increase the response chance, make the message appealing. 

  • Discuss do's and don't of communicating with (potential) landlords. 

"When do you start looking for housing? As soon as possible!"

How To Avoid Scams?
  • Obvious red flags.
  • Different kind of scams.  
    • Airbnb scam.
    • Social housing scam.
    • Facebook scam.
    • Kamernet scam.
    • HousingAnywhere scam.
    • Funda alerts scam
    • Exterior check scam
    • The 'Nice Person' (Coffee Invite) scam
  • How to avoid a scam?
  • Precautions to take before signing a lease or transferring funds. 
  • How to protect yourself from identity theft?
How To Find Housing On A Budget
  • Rent Ceiling
    • What does rent ceiling mean?
    • What is the rent ceiling?
    • How to calculate the rent ceiling?
    • How is rent regulated in the Netherlands?
    • When to apply for rent reduction?
    • How to apply for rent reduction?
    • How long does this procedure take?
  • Find Accommodation That Fits The Rent Ceiling
    • How to recognize housing that is eligible for rent reduction?
Registration Needed Or Not?
  • No registration possible posts.
  • Why do some landlords don't offer registration?
  • When do you need registration? 
  • <4 months --> RNI 
  • >4 months --> Registration
  • Why would you need registration?
  • How to get a BSN without a registration?
  • What are the consequences of not being registered properly?
Housing Allowance / Rent Benefit
  • What is Housing Allowance?
  • How do I qualify for Housing Allowance?
  • Case study: rent benefit calculation.
  • Relation between rent reduction (rent ceiling) and rent benefit. 
Case Studies

We will discuss different case studies to make sure you can start your housing search adventure with confidence. 

After these case studies, you will have the knowledge to:

  • recognize housing scams,
  • how to find housing within your budget,
  • estimate the real rent price,
  • claim the real rent price, 
  • and so much more!



This masterclass is relevant for anyone who is trying to find housing on a budget. With this masterclass, you'll learn what to pay attention to, to ensure that you pay a rental price that suits the apartment. You will also learn how to detect scams so you can prevent yourself of being scammed.

Whether you are a tenant, tenant-to-be, parent of a tenant (to-be), landlord, housing office employee or working at an agency, this masterclass is for you!


This masterclass explains in detail how to find housing on a budget and how to avoid housing scams. This is relevant for tenants (to-be) and housing employees of universities so you can protect yourself or your students from housing scams.

We will discuss different case studies so you can start your housing adventure with confidence! At the end of the masterclass, there will be the opportunity to ask questions. 


Inform your university housing department when this masterclass takes place at your university. You can also send us a message and let us know which university you are attending, so we contact your university to schedule a masterclass.

If you are interested in attending the masterclass at our office, you can register for the masterclass and choose a date and time that suits you. 


The masterclass will take approximately 2,5 hours. There will be the opportunity to ask questions during the masterclass and to exchange experiences at the end.


When you are a student at a Dutch university, you can inquire with your university about collaboration opportunities with us. 

If you are not a student, you can attend the masterclass for 79 EUR per person at our location. Minimum number of participants 5


- Hand-out with the topics of the masterclass.

- 50 EUR discount for a Housing Check.

- 10% discount on a RentReturn service (max. 25 EUR).

- Drinks (coffee, tea and water).

- Dutch snacks.